Do They Differ?

East of the river, we spent some time

in town meandering vacant lots where

only daffodils mark archaeological remains

foundations, the odd driveway


past the canals with their white drape

of Franklin gulls an eagle sits

his favorite tree the two of them

both brown


the tree dying the eagle growing

into his feathers, perhaps a three year old

not yet capped like the mountains

of Denali or Orizaba


on the return trip time has sped

so that the tree upriver now hosts

an eagle mature in all his majesty

taking time away


from a nest to bask in last sun

before ferrying fish back to the south

for shredding into hungry maws

beak and talon poised


Which is more eagle then?

That sub-adult waiting to be crowned

or the mantled veteran who comes yearly?

Do they differ, the watch, the wait?