On Monet’s Water Lilies

How long did he sit
beside the pond where
water lilies’ flat pads
caught morning sunrise
turning from their muddy
green to flaming pink
tea-colored water gone
to reed-filled blue sky?

Along the 391 there’s a small pond
nestled between cows and calves
beginning to awaken pondcowcalf
where light filters between cedars
held for those moments between
banks like a morning gift

I wonder if I would have stayed
ithe sharp chill of predawn day
after day with my easel already up
palette colors precisely mixed until
just right rays hit the rubbery pads
to capture another section of canvas
having to sit out the clouds and rain
not trusting to memory for the soft

Swirls looping around lavenders
and lime circles within circles and
reflections filling in between like
trees growing up from the bottom
to meet shadow reeds draping from sky

I drive slowly now track another pond
see if first pads have started to surface
smooth water broken by thick leaves
but all is calm save for the calf
peering intently at its own reflection.