Distracting Attractions

Already March assaults the senses
birds switching  to mating melodies
etudes gone to sonatas

frog song this morning their low burble
at the base of every clump of switch grass
and in the high forks of the hardwoods

sun heats the French doors and lights up
overwintering impatiens and begonias
dances a dozen patterns over the orchids

prompts a grocery basket half-full of pansies
although they weren’t on any list
forces stronger than magnets exercising

their attraction so that you see the eagle
overhead as you take the recycling
splurge on some breadsticks to liven up

the routine salad imagine new paths
through the side garden and splurge on
four kinds of zinnias for summer butterflies

every distraction like a tiny Lilliputian
attacking a reluctant Gulliver each string and peg
a distraction but therein the attraction.

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