Warming to the Idea

I fill the maroon vase
with Lily of the Incas
in a matching shade
pale cream daffodils
perky white narcissus
two stalks of precious pink
old style hyacinths born
of bulbs carried now from
three counties four homes

treasured for their scent
carried far across warming
reezes the whole bouquet
greeting me as I turn on
five o’clock lights as already
an almost sunrise sends rose light
shafting in an arc across eastern sky

Wheat in fields, dirt holding
salad garden seed, wintered over plants
all warming to the idea of Spring
even though tonight another hard freeze
we hold out hope shake out
the jacket for one more day
to wrap around shoulders
in need of warmth but inside
where hearts beat in anticipation
we’ve already warmed to the idea: it’s Spring.

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